Testing, testing

Dear reader,

Welcome! Thanks for reading. If you are, I assume that you either know me, or came here accidentally by quoting Kelly Kapoor. Either way, rock on.

So this blog is meant to be a replacement. I blogged for a certain web site for about a year, and, after a lot of thought, decided to start my own. Reasons, if you want them are:

1.) The blog was in conjunction with a paper, and therefore, my content was limited. If I wanted to talk about a TV show or movie, I had to think “Is this family friendly?” This cut out a lot of clips, quotes, and links I would have otherwise used. And on that, I had to make sure my clips were legal. This wasn’t really a big deal. Last, I had to clean up my language. Again, not a huge deal, but sometimes, my reaction warranted an expletive. Example: “Holy shit! Lila just blew up Sergeant Doakes! How the hell will Dexter get to the cabin in time? What’s gonna happen? Fuck!” (If you got that reference, congratulations. You belong here.)

2.) When I started the blog, I was one of about five. Over the year, more and more blogs came trickling in, until I was one of about thirty. I understand that this site wants to expand, and applaud that. However, my ego is much too big to compete with all those folks.  Well, okay not really, but I did feel like I got somewhat lost in the shuffle. Hopefully, readers of the old blog will shuffle over here.

Now that we have that worked out, here’s what you should expect when you visit retrowatching.wordpress.com:

– You won’t hear (read?) about my everyday life. I’ve got another place for that, and really, how many people care about that? I went to the new Harris Teeter today! Tomorrow at work, I’m going to sort through some grant files. Fascinating! Not what you’ll get here.

– This is going to be a blog about pop culture. Television, movies, music, theater, celebrity boyfriends (of which there are many), etc. So, you know, basically anything that’s awesome, according to me. Why should you care? I dunno. Maybe you’ll find something you like. I have been told I have an impeccable taste in pop culture. How’s that for persuasion? Really, this is just another in a long line of pop culture blogs. It’s not anything special. But what can I say, I like telling an audience, however small it may be, what I like, what I dislike, and what I think about what I like and dislike. K?

If that’s cool with you, stick with me. I’ll take you places. Well, on your computer. I’ll show you things…you know what, never mind. You get it. I know you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading. (To those still reading: Hello! I always liked you best. Don’t tell the others.)

So, in keeping with things that are awesome, I give you something I think is quite awesome: A performance from Cabaret, that’s, well, more than a little bit raunchy. Sometimes, when I’m at work, doing something that requires little concentration, I’ll listen to this on repeat. Is that weird?

If you recognize who’s playing the Emcee, then you REALLY belong here. Oh yeah, and expect lots of clips. Embedding is my new best friend.

3 thoughts on “Testing, testing

  1. Yay, welcome to wordpress! I like your theme – both your idea for the blog and the look of it. 🙂

  2. Glad you found a new home and hope the freedom of content allows you to grow.

    “But if I really say it
    The radio won’t play it,
    So I have to lay it between the lines.”

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