Everyone needs a little Tim in their life

Project Runway last night …

Ok, first of all, I disagree with the judge’s decision to kick off Jerell. His dress may not have been so hot (neither was Korto’s, hello!) but he won more challenges this year than any other contestant. I always thought that the judges consider the designer’s entire collection during the elimination process. Not so with Mr. Jerell. I’ll miss you, buddy. You were my favorite this year.

However, the best part of Project Runway last night was when Tim visited Leanne (now my pick to win). After meeting her adorable boyfriend, who, it seems, is Leanne in male form, Tim and Leanne take a little field trip. I think this picture says it all:

Tim! I love you! Please come visit me! I don’t have a bike, but we could hike around in the woods and go shopping, striking a deep bond before you meet my loving family and tell them how great and talented I am, and then I’ll show you some of my college films and wax poetic on how I always wanted to be an artist, and how my family supported me 100%, and never told me I couldn’t achieve my dreams.

Has anyone been checking out Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style? If not, set your DVRs immediately. The season two premier aired last week, and it’s the best thing ever. I am saying this as someone who is not at all into fashion. (But I did learn some fashion tips! Tip 1: If you are short, wear v-neck shirts. It makes you seem taller.) The premise is, Tim and his co host, Gretta Monahan, help some poor fashion victim discover their beauty (inner and outer) and become more confident. And oh yeah, dress better. Free clothes! (Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to mix and match suits. Always wearing the matching set is boring.)

I know it sounds lame, but it’s actually very sweet. It’s kind of like those home makeover shows, only for fashion. I watched the season two premier last Saturday evening after running around all day. I was dead tired, and just wanted to chill out and watch something that would make me feel good about the world.

I want to be friends with Tim Gunn. I’ve actually pondered submitting a video to Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, so I could get a makeover and cool new clothes. But I never will. The segment where they go through your closet? They’re never mean about it, but I just know that would be humiliating. I am many things, but a hip, trendy dresser who is up on the latest fashion is not one of them. 

I’ll stick to watching Tim on TV. (COME TO WASHINGTON, TIM!)

Video of the Day: Tim Gunn visits The Daily Showto promote the 4th season (i.e. Christian Siriano)

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