Le post nasal drip

The most worthy item to file under “basically anything that’s awesome” since I started this blog: Lauren Graham is making her broadway debut this spring as Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls.

Say whaaaa???

So, they’re taking one of my favorite actresses of all time and putting her into one of my favorite musicals of all time, that just happens to debut around my birthday? For reals? It’s too perfect. It *almost* makes up for my lack of a time machine, to transport me back to 2001 and 2003, so I could see Michael C. Hall and Neil Patrick Harris play the Emcee in Cabaret. (Same character, two different performances.) Almost, but not quite. Since I obviously do not have a time machine, this will do.

I’ve been thinking about it since I heard the news last night, and I’m pretty sure Guys and Dolls was the first musical that had an impact on me. (Well, stage musical. If we’re going movies, it’s Singing in the Rain.) I remember very clearly watching a special on the making of the 1992 revival soundtrack. It was fascinating. I got the soundtrack shortly thereafter, and between the four of us, I think my family nearly wore out the CD. So that means that I knew all about Peter “Eyebrows” Gallagher before The O.C. – he was always Sky Masterson to me.  Ditto for Nathan Lane – before he was a Producer, he was Nathan Detroit.

I just have a few concerns…I know Lauren Graham is a capable singer, but is she good enough for Broadway? I honestly don’t know, but I have faith that producers wouldn’t cast her if she wasn’t up to snuff. I mean, what would be the point of casting a big name in a lead role if they were bad. Right? Or am I just being naive?

My other concern is more of a bias. I love Lauren Graham. Anyone who knows me can vouch for this. But, she has a LOT to live up to in the role, as it was last played by Faith Prince, who I think is some sort of queen in the Broadway world. (As she should be; her voice is amazing.) Now, this might just be “She has a lot to live up to in my head, and no one else will care”, but Faith Prince kinda defines the role of Miss Adelaide for me. So, will LG go the way of Alan Cumming and redefine the role? Or will she simply try to do her best with what she’s got? Only time will tell.

One thing is for sure: They’ve already got one patron; there is no way I’m missing this.

Video of the Day: See for yourself – Miss Graham has a LOT to live up to. Can she top this?

5 thoughts on “Le post nasal drip

  1. After viewing Lauren singing “I will always love you” from Gilmore Girls, I feel that she, even though she may not redefine the roll, will put her own imprint on it. She has shown that she can belt it out when she sang the chorus first up and then put emotion into it when Luke walked in. She has her own characteristics that makes her the talented actress that she is. I wish I could see it but no chance living on this side of the world. The only time I wish I could visit America. 🙂

  2. I have that song on my iPod, and can’t listen to it without tearing up. I can’t watch the actual clip because it will destroy me.

  3. I saw “Guys & Dolls” in London a few years back, mainly because Ewan McGregor was playing Sky. I sat first row and he totally spit on all of us sitting there. It was awesome Anyway, Jane Krakowski (sp?) played Adelaide and was really good. I would think Lauren Graham would be better for Sarah but I think she’ll do fine in this role too. Be sure to give us review after you see it!

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