Broadway baby

2009 is turning into an exciting year for the theater-musical-loving dork in me.  (Come to think of it, the tail-end of 2008 is/was, too. A few weeks ago I saw Grey Gardens with the fabulous Barbara Walsh at the Studio Theater here in DC, and in a few hours, I’ll be seeing the pre-Broadway revival of West Side Story. But, back to 2009…)

… In April, I’ll be going to New York with my family to see the revival of Guys and Dolls with the coolest mother in recent TV history (and a woman who can wear the crap out of  a pair of jeans), Lauren Graham.  Already, that was enough. Lorelai Gilmore Lauren Graham on Broadway? And I’m gonna get to see it? Get out!

But wait, there’s more! But first, let me back track: Thanks to friend of the blog, Nicki, I was recently introduced to the off-Broadway show, A New Brain. (The show’s only been around for 10 years, so it’s no wonder I didn’t know about it.) For those who haven’t heard it, and who are musical lovers, I highly recommend it. It’s a really beautiful score. You have to really listen to it – the first time I did was at work and I got distracted and lost in the last set of songs – but once you know the play and understand what’s going on, it’s really moving. Even made me tear up the first few times I really listened to it.  So, the main character in the show is this dude Gordon, this composer, who is played by Malcolm Gets. Who? My new boyfriend. He’s been in a ton of musicals, was nominated for a tony a few years back, but you’d probably know him from that old TV show, Caroline in the City. (Which I definitely did not rewatch in the last couple of weeks, rediscover just how hot he was [he totally was not that hot when I was 15] and that’s the real secret reason why I got A New Brain and discovered the dude’s musical talent to begin with. Nope. Definitely did not do that.)  So, turns out the guy is this insanely talented singer and musician who’s this classically trained piano player and has a beautiful voice.

So. Point is, there’s this new show coming to Broadway in February called The Story of My Life, starring Gets and the fabulous Mr. Will Chase.  (If any of you saw the filmed version of the last performance of Rent — he played Roger. And he was wonderful.) I found out about this, literally, three days ago, and as of late yesterday afternoon, I’m the proud owner of two FRONT ROW tickets to the new show.

To say I am excited is an understatement. First of all, I’m going to see a Broadway show! Second, it’s new! (I’ve always seen revivals or plays that are on first run, but have been around for awhile.) Third, I get to have a New York adventure! Fourth, I bought the tickets by myself, which, though it was expensive, it’s something I’ve never done before, and it made me feel all grown up. (I know I AM all grown up, but I hardly ever feel that way.) Fifth, uh…I’ll be extremely close to two beautiful men singing and dancing for two hours. What more could I ask for?

Happy new year to me!

Video(s) of the Day:

Reference points for anyone who’s interested – I’ll be seeing these guys:

Mr. Will Chase:

And Mr. Malcom Gets:

(Hee. That cracks me up)

And then later, this chick:

(I’m assuming she’ll sound much more like Miss Adelaide and less like heart-broken Lorelai)

4 thoughts on “Broadway baby

  1. Ok, now I’m really jealous of you. You saw Grey Gardens? How was it? I saw Barbara Walsh in Company a few years back and she was terrific. And you saw WSS? I’ve been debating on seeing that. I know I should but I don’t really like it all that much. What did you think?
    And if you are up to it while you are in New York, go see “In the Heights” – so worth it.

  2. I did see Grey Gardens. It was…well, I loved the second act. But kinda hated the first act. I wasn’t crazy about the music in act I, and also, the woman playing Little Edie in Act 1 (Barbara Walsh played Big Edie in Act 1 and Little Edie in Act 2) was a very weak performer. I had a hard time hearing her, and she just didn’t really have a presence. But the second act was a total 180, and 100% better.

    WSS: The dancing was excellent. Really excellent. Other than that, I’m like you – it’s not my favorite show. So the stuff that’s always good (dancing, Anita) was good, but otherwise…you could tell they were still in previews. Kinda slow. And, you know, it’s a long play anyway so the pace is key.

  3. Interesting, thanks. I have the Grey Gardens CD but have never been able to listen to more than a couple of songs.

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