Oh Lauren, how I miss thee

Just went over to EW.com, in need of a break after reading grant applications all afternoon, and was pleasantly surprised to see Lauren Graham gracing the front page!


Almost didn’t recognize her with blonde hair, did you?

Anyway, there’s an interview with her by EW’s Michael Ausiello that’s worth checking out. She talks about playing Miss Adelaide in the upcoming Guys and Dolls revival, her potential new show with Arrested Developmentcreator Mitchell Hurwitz (!!!), and is pretty blunt about her feelings on the Gilmore Girls ending. I’ll put that here:

I also think a lot of fans…
…were disappointed with how it ended.

But for me, when you have a bad breakup, going back and dating the guy again is not really going to change the breakup. It didn’t end in the way I think any of us would have liked — and that is a disappointment for me as well. And a sadness, really. When the reruns come on now I think about the path it took, and it makes me sad. I wish we would have known it was the end when we shot the final episode, quite simply. But we can’t go back and change that. And I’m not sure a movie would help. What helps me is to try and do other things in my life and do work that I like. I don’t know that going back to the show is the answer. But there are people who are still really devoted to it, and I understand that, too.

Wow, Lauren. I do believe that’s the first time I’ve heard you – or anyone else from the Gilmore camp – admit you kinda fucked up the show. It’s…oddly satisfying. Read the rest of the interview here.  Buy tickets to Guys and Dolls here.  Please buy them! I’m not going until April and want to make sure it’ll still be running.

Video of the Day: Man, I miss this show. I haven’t watched it much since it went off the air; I needed a break, as when it WAS on the air, I watched an average of 2 episodes day. (Seriously.) Maybe I’ll re-watch it this year. Anyway, this is one of the best scenes in the series, IMO. What makes it is the faint rattle at the end. Please come back to my TV screen soon, Lauren! I miss you!

(For the record, I can recite this whole scene from memory. I did it once in front of a friend, and I think it scared her.)

4 thoughts on “Oh Lauren, how I miss thee

  1. Oh Lauren, when I think of the way Gilmore ended, I get sad too. I think of how deeply I once loved that show, how watching it filled me with glee, and how now every time I watch it I will feel a bit of sadness, knowing it doesn’t end well, and I feel sad.

    Thanks for posting the clip, Sarah. It will always be one of my favorite scenes of television. And I too think I’m going to try and rewatch Gilmore this year. See if I can recapture the love.

  2. You’re welcome. I was trying to find a good one, and I know this is a bit obvious, but it’s SO GOOD, I couldn’t resist. Plus, if I continued to give it so much thought, I’d end up putting like, 50 clips here, which wouldn’t help anyone.

  3. “That sounded more like ‘I’m surprised I still have my clothes on.'” OH. THAT SCENE. It’s one of my favorites of all time. You and I should try it sometime. I volunteer to be Rory. Or Lorelai. Whatever you want.

    Aaaaaand the bouncing cup! Best sound effect ever! MAN. I love that show.

  4. “Before.”
    “Before what?”
    “Before before.”
    “Before before what?”
    “How on earth can you be frustrated with ME right now?”

    So good. I miss you, show.

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