New York, New York


My impending trip to New York to see The Story of My Life (see picture above)  is looking better and better. My sister reserved us a hotel downtown a few blocks from the theater, at a reasonable price. So, we’re not paying a truckload of money, but we will also not be staying in the ghetto. There’s been some press on the show, including this interview, which makes me happy. I think the show opened in previews yesterday. I haven’t looked to see if there are reviews yet. I am torn on this; a part of me wants to see but another part of me would rather be surprised. And also, if it’s a bomb (which I feel like it won’t be…am I jinxing it?) I don’t want to read about it and then be disappointed. But…I know myself and know that I will probably look eventually. If they are even available.

Edit: I did look, and there’s nothing till Feb. 20th. So I have three weeks to decide.

BUT, even if the show is a bomb (knock wood, knock wood, knock wood) the trip might be worth it, because my sister and I are going to go on….drumroll please…. The Sex and the City Hotspots Tour!  A friend told me about this tour during a marathon post-Sex and the City: The Movie discussion, and I forgot about it until a few days ago. This could be totally lame; well, it IS dorky, but whatever. I don’t care. My sister found a site that had a little bit of a discount, and all the testimonials were really positive. Plus, it’s 3.5 hours. Crazy! And they play clips from the show and movie of the sites we are about to see. And you can go out and buy stuff. And evidently get cupcakes, according to the front page pictures. So much fun!  

Now I just have to get through the next two weekends and I’m off! I can’t wait. 

Video Sound Clip of the Day: Honestly, I’m just excited to get to see the dude who sings this so brilliantly perform. This is my favorite song from A New Brain. An obvious pick? Maybe. But I still love it.

And They’re Off

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