Putting it all out there

I got a new shelf this weekend. Fascinating, right?

Well, I was pretty excited about it. After having the same one since graduating from college, I needed something bigger. My DVD collection was spread out about the apartment – some on the shelf, some in my closet, and some downstairs in my storage room. So I made my maiden voyage to IKEA and, after feeling like the Goldilocks of shelves (too big, too small, too weird, not spaced right), I finally found one that was juuuust right.

This thing is big. It stands over 70 inches tall. So I figured I would have more than enough room to fit all my DVDs. I could finally take Buffy and Angel out of the closet, and bring up Scrubs and Studio 60 from storage. Those Cheers videotapes I ordered when I was 12 would have a new home (I just can’t get rid of them yet, not until I have the whole series on DVD). All this, with surely tons of room to spare!

Or…not. See for yourself.


You know how in the movies or on TV, someone will realize he/she has a drinking problem by looking in trash and seeing how many bottles are there? It’s all there, in his/her face and they can’t deny it. That’s kind of how I felt on Monday, after I finished putting my DVDs away. Granted, I am leaving space, so I probably have half a shelf more space than appears here. And some of it is stuff from my childhood that I feel I should keep, like my high school’s performance of Guys and Dolls and this video I made with a friend on U2 for FANatic. (Remember FANatic? My friend was going to be the ultimate fan, and I was going to be the friend that sent in the tape, and gets to tag along and meet the band. This tape is horribly, terribly embarrassing and I don’t want anyone to ever see it. Maybe I could put that one back in the closet.)  

But still. Damn. I own a lot of DVDs. (And still want more. I don’t even have all of Angel!)

Video of the Day:
Dear Ricky Braddy,
If you are going to attempt A Song for You on American Idol (which I suggest you do not) this is how it should be done. C’mon, man. You really think you’re going out sing Elliott? I didn’t see Paula making a mess of herself over you. (And that’s not even hard to do, Danny Gokey.)


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