New Horizons


Happy New U2 Album Day!

I have to admit, I’m not as excited about No Line on the Horizon as I should be. Maybe it’s because it’s been so long since they released an album. Maybe it’s because I’m not really digging their single. Maybe it’s because the online U2 group I belong to is posting like 12 times a day and it’s driving me insane. And yet, I can’t leave the group because what if there is news I must know, like Bono calling Chris Martin a wanker? (HA!)

Or maybe it’s all of the above.

But I’m not worried. I’ve loved U2 since the tender age of 12. I will love them forever, no matter what they do. I stuck by them through Pop (totally underrated, BTW) and through Bono’s bad haircuts. I stand by the politicization of the band. Anytime I go to a concert, I inevitably stand in front of some…wanker…who complains when Bono starts preaching about his latest cause. To which I always want to say: Dude, you’re at  a U2 concert. What did you expect? Sure, he preaches, and sure, he’s way too pompous for his own good. But at least he’s using his celebrity for good, and standing up for what he believes in.

…Somehow when Bono does this, I don’t mind; when Sean Penn does, I want to rip his tongue out. Go figure.

Anyway, despite my lackluster attitude now, I’m confident that within a month, I’ll have the album memorized. I’ll like 80 percent of the songs, be not so crazy about one or two, fall in love with at least three, and be there when they come to DC. This has been my pattern for almost 16 years now; no reason it should change.

It’s been almost five years since How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. Five years, people. When their last album came out, I had just graduated college and was living in Chicago. I still remember the day I bought the album, and walked around the city on my lunch break, listening to it on my discman. (Aww. Remember the discman?) That’s how long it’s been: The last time they released an album, I didn’t have an iPod. It’s been far, far too long. Welcome back, boys.

Video of the Day: No matter how many great songs they put out, I will never love another U2 song more than this. The great Stay, as seen on the ZooTV tour.

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