Back in time


In my last post, I said it was good to have a song that reminds you of the past and makes you feel younger.

Then there are those songs from your past that transport you back in time. I heard one this evening, courtesy of Mr. Adam Lambert.

In 2002, I listened to Gary Jules’ cover of Mad World approximately 10,000 times.

It wasn’t my fault. My housemates were obsessed with the song, and with Donnie Darko. So were my (adult) coworkers at my part-time job on campus. So were all of my fellow film students. Everyone was. (I actually had a long conversation about how deep and sad the song was with my then 34-year-old boss. Doesn’t seem so weird now that I’m older, but at the time, I couldn’t believe she had even heard of the song, let alone loved it.)

Ironically, I didn’t see Donnie Darko until years later, after I’d graduated and was living in Maryland again. For years, I’d been afraid to, as one of my housemates told me it was the creepiest movie she’d ever seen.

I liked the movie a lot, did find it creepy, though not one for the books.

But I liked the song more. Correction: I loved the song. Still do. So when Adam sang it tonight, I was transported back to 2002, my old house on College Street, my old job, and my old life.

It was kinda nice.

Thanks, Adam.

Video of the Day: Not the official video, but here’s the full song. I have a feeling it’ll be getting a lot more play on my iPod this week.

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