My summer picks

I’m not really into the Harry Potter, but here are two movies I’m all about this summer.

They had me at Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s certainly grown up to be a handsome fellow, hasn’t he?


I’d go see this even if Lauren Graham wasn’t in it, because I like Jeff Daniels and Lou Taylor Pucci, and it looks like an interesting script. The inclusion of Ms. Graham is just icing on the cake for me.

(In semi-related news, I caught the last half of a Gilmore Girls episode this weekend. Despite owning the series on DVD, I haven’t actually watched an episode in well over a year. It was “The Inns and Outs of Inns” from season 2, and, while not one of my favorites, seeing Stars Hollow in all its glory felt like coming home. I miss you, Gilmore.)

As soon as I can get my pictures to cooperate, I’ll tell you all about my trip to New York last month. Here’s a teaser: Go see Next to Normal. It’s incredible.

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