So I have a confession to make: I wasn’t crazy about the season premier of Glee. I didn’t hate it – there were good things, and the story moved along, and it was funny. But, I didn’t love the “Push It” scene as much as the rest of the TV population, and I was appalled that Will’s wife lied about being pregnant.

Last night’s episode, Acafellas, totally erased all negative opinions. (Except one: I love Jane Lynch, but I’m not yet convinced they know what to do with her character. Why exactly does she hate glee so much? Is it really taking that much money away from the Cheerios?)

Anyway, so many great things about this episode:

  • Victor Garber and Debra Monk! Readers of this blog may recall that I am currently obsessed with Curtains, so I was thrilled to see Ms. Monk. Only one thing – with those two together, why didn’t someone come up with a way for them to sing? Hopefully they will in a future episode.
  • I’m no fan of Josh Groban, but his cameo was hilarious, and very well played.
  • Sandy Ryerson writes Desperate Housewives fan fiction! Ha! Easily the best line of the night. Oh, fanfic. You will alway be so mockable.
  • Thumbs up cake!
  • Every number  Acafellas performed. “Poison” was the best, and easily my favorite since “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Also, it took me a minute to realize that..yes…they really were singing “I’m Gonna Sex You Up”, on network TV, and supposedly at a PTA meeting. Once the realization hit, I busted out laughing.
  • The whole Kurt/Mercedes storyline, especially when he came out to her at the end. Very touching.
  • Puck likes cougars. Overall, I’m glad we’re getting to know the supporting cast better. And on that note…
  • I’m still no fan of Terri, but it was nice seeing her supporting Will, and showing that she does actually care about him – even if their relationship is still pretty messed up.
  • Finally, Emma continues to be awesome. More Emma, please!

Video of the Day: Obviously.

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2 thoughts on “Acafellas!

  1. “Poison” was fantastic. I might even like it better than “Don’t Stop”…maybe. 🙂 Acafellas could already be a spin-off of Glee.

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