How to make a movie trailer

I saw Inception over the weekend. Can’t really talk about it intelligently, so I will just say: HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AMAZING!  And yes, it does live up to all the hype. 

Not sure if the movie embedded below will. It has good credentials – written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by David “Fight Club” Fincher*, and starring Jesse Eisenberg (whom I loved in Adventureland). But telling the story of Facebook and how it changed the world is kind of a monumental task, no?

Anyway, before having my mind blown by Inception, we sat through a host of previews, including one for The Social Network. Guys, I have no idea how this movie will turn out, but this trailer? This trailer is golden. It should be a model for how to sell a movie, and proves how music can make anything seem better (or worse, depending on the song). I’d seen the 30 second commercials for the movie on TV, and was not impressed. But now? Now I’m itching to see this film. Hurry up, October 1st!

Am I right? Awesome, no?

*Also known as David “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” Fincher. Please let this be another Fight Club.

1 thought on “How to make a movie trailer

  1. Not gonna lie, I’m super excited about it–Sorkin love aside, I’m thinking it might actually be irrelevant that the movie’s about Facebook. If it’s Sorkin writing conflict between man-friends (as we all know he does so well), and if it’s as good as the trailer makes it look, then I think it’ll just be a really good movie–and not The Facebook Movie. You know?

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