You and I

Happy Friday, y’all.

After a stressful week of icky weather combined with still having to go to work (and actually having lots of work to DO), the last thing I wanted today was to be sans my iPod. But it happened. And unfortunately, I discovered this only after I got to the Metro this morning.

However, this forced me to use my work computer for music, which led me to YouTube, which led me to this performance of “You and I” by Wilco and Fiest (the best song on their self-titled album), which led to me holding back tears as I sit at my desk working on an Excel spreadsheet.

Happy Friday?

I love this song so much, you guys. Not only is it just really sweet, but Jeff Tweedy’s voice kills me. This is a song I used for a birthday film last year, and it turned out to be one of my favorite segments.

Is Wilco touring? I feel the need to see them live again. Haven’t seen them since they played the Spring Fling in my college parking lot back in 2003.

Happy Friday, guys. This performance is so nice they play it twice.

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