I’m still here!

Don’t worry, I didn’t get swallowed up by Thanksgiving. After a long car trip, a fun four days and a 14 -fucking-hour car trip home, I am back.  Note to self: Never go anywhere over the Thanksgiving holiday ever again. People will just have to come to me. (This is totally going to work.)

So. Now that it’s officially Christmas season and the end of the year, I’m getting ready for my annual (if you read my old blog last year) blog on my top 10 Favorite Things of the Year in Popular Culture. There’s the obvious (Dr. Horrible, anything that NPH touched); the not-so-obvious (how the Tony Awards totally restored my love of musical theater. Not that it was waining. So maybe I should say enhanced my love); and the surprising (Mad About You Rewatch! Discovering the awesomeness that is This American Life! Discovering Wally Lamb and all of his glory!)

Oh, speaking of Dr. Horrible, it’s now available to order exclusively on Amazon.com, and will be released Dec. 17th.

But anyway, back to the Best of 2008 – I am open to suggestions! What did you love best in popular culture this year? I might split it up into different categories (music, film, etc.) Not sure yet. It’ll be a pretty tough competition. There was a lot of great stuff in 2008.

Video of the Day:
So, I made some mixes for the drive to and from Boston over Thanksgiving. One was a collection of some of my favorite show-tunes (shut up!) and the other was a collection of cover songs. This was one of the cover songs. It’s the performance that made me realize, “Hey, this guy could win this thing. This guys is GOOD. I guess I have to stop hating him, now.”

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