SNL Verdict

01-04While maybe not as great as the Tina Fey one last year, definitely not too shabby. NPH was great – not all of the sketches were though. A few were either too long, or not well written. But overall, I enjoyed seeing NPH host SNL.

Highlights for me included the opening monologue (“And I said to my girlfriend, what is he allergic to timing, and she said why won’t you kiss me, and I said later….  That was a long time ago.”); the save Broadway sketch (“You could get a  job in Shrek the Musical.” “What’s that supposed to mean?”); the Kathie Lee skit – which was too long, but the end was hilarious; the airline skit, which also was long but I could have watched it all day; and of course, the digital short.

For some reason, neither NBC nor Hulu have uploaded the digital short…maybe something with getting the music rights? It’s a shame, because it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I know I tend to talk in hyperbole when it comes to pop culture and media — but this really is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. It’s up there with Stephen Colbert and Andrew Young singing “Let My People Go” the day Colbert came back from the strike.

One final thought – who the fuck is Taylor Swift and why does she suck so badly? And how did someone who sucks so badly make it on as the musical guest for SNL? (I know, I know, Ashlee Simpson, but still…)

Video of the Day: YouTube version of aforementioned digital short. Watch it while you can, because I am sure it will be taken down soon.

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