Clear Eyes, Full Hearts…..


I didn’t want to say anything in yesterday’s post, partly because I wasn’t sure if it was official and partly out of respect for Andy Hallett but – Friday Night Lights fans, rejoice! It’s now official – the show has been renewed for two more seasons!

I spent part of this weekend catching up on the latest slew of episodes. I really had to steel myself to watch Jason Street’s departure again. That episode is now my favorite one of the whole series – but the first time I watched it, I cried for about fifteen minutes afterward. Sobbing, heaving, sloppy crying, not just little tears. Between Jason’s tearful plea, Matt’s impromptu try out for wide receiver,  and Coach Taylor’s heartfelt speech to his wife about not being able to buy her dream home, I was a mess. Not to mention everything Tim Riggins says and does the whole episode.

But I pushed my way through, and am now caught up again and ready for the last two episodes of the season.  Man are they good.

(And by the way, without giving anything away – if the series had ended with the season three finale, I would have been very upset. It’s an ending, but also a beginning, and well..that’s all I’ll say. I’ll tell you whether or not I liked it in two weeks.)

The most recent one, “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall”, is one of my favorites of the season. Everything about it is so perfectly executed. The mounting tension between JD and his father finally comes to a head, and what results is pretty darn scary. I have to give major props to D.W. Moffet, who is giving the performance of a lifetime in Joe McCoy. I hate him – mostly because Moffett plays the part so realistically. I have no idea what’s going to happen with the McCoy family next season, or if they will even be in the show at all. I hope so – not only because I like seeing Maggie O’Connell Janine Turner working, but because  Joe McCoy is such a great villain, for both the town of Dillion and for Coach Taylor. (He’s also, seriously, really scary. I know parents like him exist – not only in football, but in any competitive activity – but still. Watching him makes me feel like Julie did after going to Matt’s house for the first time in season one. “You guys are the best parents in the world,” she told Tami and Eric. “I love you.”)

Video of the Day: It’s a toss up for my favorite scene in “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall.” I love the one with Riggins and Lyla after the game, when he kicks her ass in the sweetest way possible. But in the end, this one really gets me. Tyra Collette has always been one of my favorite characters, but she’s really fantastic this season. Her journey reminds me of Pam Beesly’s journey in season three of The Office.

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2 thoughts on “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts…..

  1. Sarah! You have made my whole week! When I learned two days ago that the FNL finale was airing on NBC this week, and I had no idea if it was coming back ever again, I was so, so sad. Such GREAT news! Thanks. 🙂

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