“I’m just a Broadway baby…”


I thought she had a mysterious glow last week…and I was right. Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs are expecting!

That’s gonna be one beautiful, talented kid. (Though, as one poster in the above link said, “No pressure!” Riiight.)

Man. First Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof have a baby girl and now this. (I can only assume that the offspring of two gorgeous people like Alyson and Alexis is stunning.) If this pace keeps up, the children of legitimately talented celebs are going to take over America. Would this really be a bad thing? I mean, look at Rashida Jones.

Video of the Day: Does anyone out there still watch ER? Anyone going to check out the finale? I’m curious, except I haven’t seen the show in years. I had to check out when they made Carter a drug addict, which was…maybe my freshman year of college? 1999 or 2000, probably. I still tuned in sporadically, but then they had to go and kill Mark Greene, and I really was done.  Despite my ignorance now, I loved the show back in its early seasons. One of my oddest memories from high school involves ER. I was in France for a two-week trip, and was terribly homesick. (Don’t get me started on that trip; I owe the country another one, to prove to myself it isn’t actually a terrible place.) I was outside a hospital, as my host family was visiting someone there and I was forced to go.  There were speakers by the entrance piping out Muzak. The song that was playing? A variation on the theme from ER. I shit you not.  “Ahh, America!” I thought to myself. “How I miss thee!”

Good times. My favorite part has always been Benton’s fist pump.

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