Coherent review to follow

OMG, everyone. (By the way, if  the Wordpress stats are correct, there’s a whole bunch of new people reading this. So, hello, welcome, hope you keep reading.)

Anyway, I will write a proper review later, but I just want to say, I’m here at work, listening to the newly-released  Ben Folds  Presents University A Cappella!,  and it is incredible!

You know how every once in awhile, an album will come around that is so enjoyable, that you find yourself thinking, “Man, this is SO great” multiple times during your first listen? I’ve been doing that for the past nine tracks. Not every one has been a winner, but most are, and they’re SO great.

So, if you’re a big dork like me (and Andy Bernard) and like a little a cappella in your life, go pick up this CD. Now! What are you waiting for?

Video of the Day: If you need more convincing, here’s my favorite track (of the 9 songs I’ve listened to so far – there are 16 total.)

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