Don’t stop believin’


So is anyone else ridiculously excited for Glee? Have y’all seen the promos? I watch it every single time it comes on. Every time. Considering it comes on at least twice an episode during American Idol, that’s a lot.

And yet, it never gets old.

But why is Fox teasing us? Why show us the first episode now, and then make us wait until the fall to see the rest? Not cool, Fox. (And while I’m talking to Fox via the Interweb, may I add, please don’t cancel Dollhouse. It’s finally awesome! I want to know what happens! Why is Ballard there? What’s going to happen with Echo and Alpha? WHO IS ALPHA? [I mean, we know who he is, but who was he? How did he get to be so powerful?] Also, seeing Alan Tudyk kick ass on Dollhouse is making me seriously reconsider the whole Firefly thing. Maybe I’ll give it a third try. Cause Alan Tudyk plus Nathan Fillion can only add up to amazing. And delicious.])

In case you’ve somehow managed to miss the awesomness that is the Glee promo, here it is.

Amazing, right? Please don’t fuck this up, Fox.

4 thoughts on “Don’t stop believin’

  1. Hold it! Alan Tudyk is now on Dollhouse? I admit I stopped watching but now it seems I have to. I love that man! I saw him in Spamalot on Broadway and met him afterwards. Such a sweetie and the best Lancelot I’ve seen by far.
    And yes, give Firefly another try. It’s so good!
    Finally, how have I not heard about Glee? Matthew Morrison alone is enough to make me watch. When is it on?

  2. Yes! And he is AWESOME. When did you stop watching? It got really, really good.

    I don’t know how you haven’t heard about Glee. Do you live under a rock? 🙂 Maybe you don’t watch Fox at all, because they’ve been promoting the hell out of it. It premiers after the American Idol finale in a few weeks.

  3. Um, I did not realize that we only get the pilot of Glee now, and then have to wait. CRUEL, FOX!

    I am ridiculously, irrationally excited for it. I made Lisa watch the trailer at work today, and now she’s excited, too.

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