It’s gonna a LEGENDARY Tony Awards!


Have you heard the news? Have you????

Television’s resident ladies man – and my personal TV Boyfriend, Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the Tony Awards!

Seriously?? Two of my most favorite things – Broadway and NPH – together? (I know, I know, he’s been on Broadway, but I’ve never seen him live, so this is the next best thing.)

Okay, I’ll admit it – I only started watching the Tony Awards last year. But in the middle of it, I thought to myself, “Why have I – who loves all things award show and all things theater – NEVER watched this?” I vowed then and there to never miss another Tony Awards, if I could help it.

The Broadway Universe must be rewarding me in some way for my increased theater love this year.

Thank you, Broadway.

The Tony Awards, with HOST Neil Patrick Harris (did I mention NPH is hosting this year?) are June 7th, and will be broadcast live on CBS from 8-11. Don’t miss it!

Video of the Day: Here’s a taste of NPH on Broadway, as the Emcee in my favorite show, Cabaret.

2 thoughts on “It’s gonna a LEGENDARY Tony Awards!

  1. I know! I keep on thinking of Pheobe on Friends, where she says, “It hasn’t happened yet, but we’re all very excited!”

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