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So, I can pretend this post is going to be about all the things I’ve been promising to write about: The Ben Folds a cappella CD, (Still good – only 2 real duds – one of which is, surprisingly, “Brick.” Best tracks hands down are “You Don’t Know Me” and “Magic.” See this post to hear the erm, magic that is “Magic.”) a review of Grey Gardens (Loved it so much, and not just because Broadway Boyfriend Malcolm plays piano – though it doesn’t hurt.), my new media obsession (It’s Dan Savage, and his Savage Love Podcast. I recently started working out on a [semi] regular basis, and I find his podcast is perfect for those 30-40 minutes – not serious, entertaining, and doesn’t require all of my attention.)

I could also write about the fact that yesterday, I received two CDs in the mail – the Broadway cast recording of The Story of My Life (*sigh* I’m still not over it being closed so soon), and The Journey Home, which is the first solo CD from my Broadway love, Malcolm Gets. (Yes, that’s right – TWO Malcolm Gets CDs in one day! I know! This is very exciting if you are me.) Get yours here and here.

But what I really want to talk about is this show I can’t seem to stop watching. I’m so six years behind on this, but uh, Queer as Folk – the American version? Oh my god, you guys. WHY did no one tell me about this show? And why one earth did no one tell me about Brian Kinney? Huh? Huh, Internets? I had no idea what I was missing!

Okay, so the show isn’t perfect. In fact, there are times when it’s downright cringe-worthy. (And no, I’m not talking about the love scenes, unless you’re talking about Dr. Dave and Michael. In which case, yeah, gross. Cause Dr. Dave SUCKED.)

But, the thing is, when it’s good? It’s really good. I feel kind of weird saying that, because I think for the most part, it’s thought of as a guilty pleasure show, and maybe even…dare I say it…network approved gay porn? (Maybe? Maybe not. I don’t know.) That’s not why I like it. (Though, it certainly doesn’t hurt that there are pretty boys making out with each other. I mean, I’m only human.)

When I first started watching, I thought, “Okay, so this is kind of like a gay male Sex and the City.” And it is, to an extent. The show follows the lives of five gay men living in Pittsburgh. Their friends are their family. Instead of meeting at a coffee shop every morning, it’s the Liberty Diner. They don’t go to every hot club in town, just one, Babylon. But that’s not why I like it, either.

So, why do I like the show? (Besides getting to stare at Gale Harold and Robert Gant for an hour?) I think it’s the relationships. I care about Brian and Michael’s lifelong friendship. I want things to work out between Justin and Brian. I kind of love Professor Ben, and think he’s such a better match than stupid Dr. Dave. (Have I mentioned how much I hated him?) I was happy for Michael when he got the comic book shop. Heck, even Brian’s Lesbians (TM TWoP) grew on me after awhile.

Oh, and Emmet Honeycutt. Anything with Emmett Honeycutt. More Emmett, please!  Particularly if  he’s in drag. I almost died when he dressed up like Jackie O.

Things I could do without?
– Michael’s mother. This mostly has to do with the actress. I like the idea of her character, but Sharon Gless is just terrible in the role. (Please don’t throw garbage at me, Cagney and Lacy fans!)
– Uncle Vic. Again, I like the idea of him, and don’t even mind the actor. But they give him the worst story lines and dialogue.
– Ted being a douche. I like Ted, but he has a big d-bag quality that makes me hate him half the time. Also, I don’t care what anyone says, running a porn site is just creepy. *shudder*
– Stilted dialogue. The show has good ideas, but sometimes the execution is less than stellar. And sometimes the dialogue is really bad.

But then sometimes, it’s awesome. Like when Brian’s father died:

Tears, folks. There were tears. Also, props to the QAF team for playing a Badly Drawn Boy song in 2000, when he was still relatively unknown (at least in the US). Also, if you’re going to use a Badly Drawn Boy song, that’s the one to use. It’s the best song he’s ever written.

Also, this scene, which is amazing. I know it’s nothing new to old QAF fans, but I rewound it about five times when I saw this episode. (We won’t talk about what happened after.)

Other observations. (Note: I’m only on season 2, so no spoilers, please!)
– Bring back Daphne, please!
– Seriously, more Emmett Honeycutt. I seriously underestimated Peter Paige when I first started watching, and now, he’s one of my favorites. He can go from cracking me up to making me cry in the blink of an eye.

– Brian Kinney. Seriously. OMG. Love him. So much that I am now totally bummed that it seems like Jackson’s storyline is done on Desperate Housewives. I watched all season and didn’t know! I didn’t know he was so fabulous! Dear World, Please cast Gale Harold in more things.
– I like Justin’s mother, but she needs to grow some more balls. She’s improved this season, but still has more growing to do. Which is fine – I like seeing character growth over several seasons. Just…keep it up.
– I read that Emmett and Ted are a THING in season 3. Ted is at his best when he’s with Emmett, but I’m still unsure about this whole thing. They’re so good as friends. Plus, Emmett is too good for Ted. (I don’t hate Ted; he just needs to grow, too.)
– I am so glad they gave Michael a decent boyfriend in season two. Also, Robert Gant is sort of impossibly good looking. Especially when he’s wearing glasses. So, good on you, writers. So why Dr. Dave in season 1? Was this supposed to help Michael grow, somehow? To have him love someone other than Brian? If so, you all failed. But then you brought in Professor Ben, so all is forgiven.

And um, thus ends my probably incoherent fangirl rant about Queer as Folk. Sorry. I just…had to get that out.

1 thought on “Pretend catch up

  1. Wow! very nice. Am glad you found the show, I have the series on DVD. Enjoy!

    As for DH and Jackson, Gale was the ONLY reason I was watching the show… now if only the world will hear our plea and get the man his own show (or atleast cast him more often.)

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