On the Tonys


Dear Neil Patrick Harris,
I know you prefer men, and have a long-time boyfriend and all, but will you marry me? I love you. I will be watching your Tony- version of “Tonight” on Youtube for weeks.

– Also, if I wanted to go back to New York and see shows BEFORE tonight, now I feel the need to go like, immediately. Billy Elliot, Next to Normal, God of Carnage, I want to see them all. Hey,  I have a credit card now. I could totally take a few weeks off work and just wander aimlessly around the city right? (Nope. Unlike some, I do not have the financial security to do that. Alas.)

– I have no desire to see Shrek, at ALL, and seeing their performance only confused me more as to why this is a hit, BUT I will say watching that guy on his knees for an entire number was pretty amazing. Also, I kept on trying to figure out how the front legs worked. Are there strings attached to his actual legs, so the fake legs move with his? I dunno. So confused.

– That kid from Billy Elliot was amazing. He’s what, 12, 13? Wow. What a dancer. I’m glad those three boys won.

– I’m also glad Angela Lansbury won, just because it’s Angela Lansbury. And she’s so grateful and composed. She’s like a grandma. (I may be basing this on her performance as Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast.) 

– I wasn’t a big fan of West Side Story when it tried out in DC, but I’ll say that Anita was wonderful, as was the chick who played Maria. Those two were the standouts. So, good on both of them for being nominated, and good for Anita for winning.

– Also, I swear, Internets, “Sit Down Your Rockin’ The Boat” from Guys and Dolls is really incredible in person. I called my roommate in to see it, and told her that it brought down the house when I saw it in April. She was…underwhelmed. And so was I – but for reals, it’s amazing live.

– Of all the performances, Next to Normal and Billy Elliot were the best.

Video of the Day: In all of his interviews leading up to the Tonys, NPH made kept saying that he was just going to try to keep the show running at a fast pace, and make sure the audiences at home at at Radio City could see a little bit of Broadway. In other words: He wasn’t making it about him. Which is exactly what he did. I’m glad, because I enjoyed most of the performances (despite sound issues), and it definitely made me want to go see a show (see above). BUT, I’m also glad he had a little something up his sleeve, that he didn’t pull it out (hee) until the end of the show. (Again, not making it about him.) Good on you, NPH.

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