Who knew?

I’m four days late on this, but in my defense, I’ve had a busy week and just last night got to catch up on some of this week’s Daily Show/Colbert. This was tough, because I’ve been dying to watch Operation Iraqi Stephen all week.

Unfortunately, I heard about the haircut beforehand. (Thanks a lot, Washington Post Express. Next time, I WON’T take a free paper when a vendor offers me one on my way to the Metro.) I knew he shaved his head on the order of President Obama. So, that was out.

I DIDN’T know he would be wearing an awesome camouflage suit. Nor did I know he would show us his “rigorous” 10 hours of basic training in South Carolina. Most of my favorite segments on The Colbert Report are when he goes out into the field, and this was no exception. Also, friend of the blog  Nicki observed that watching him do push ups was kind of hot, and I totally agree.

Also hot, and totally unexpected? How good Stephen Colbert looks with a shaved head. See:

20090607-c-1529c-050-colbert1Those who know me know that I am usually all about the long, unruly hair, ala Tim Riggins. I am not usually a fan of the close cut. But, well, damn Stephen. You pull that off real nice. (Or, in the words of Kevin Malone, Niiiiiiiceee.)

I’ve got two more episodes left, and don’t know when to watch. A part of me wants to now; another part wants to drag out the magic a little longer.

Nice going, Colbert.

Colbert shave

Video of the Day: Evidently, they needed to rehearse the cut. Ha!

And the real thing:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

1 thought on “Who knew?

  1. Thanks for the video, I hadn’t seen that. I think Colbert chewing on that pen was even hotter than the push ups!

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