Wow. Color me impressed

So, I’m not on Twitter. While I find the whole idea a little more intriguing than I did when it first came out, I still kind of refuse to join. (I say “kind of” because I do on occasion go to some people’s Twitter pages and read them. No, I’m not saying who. Yes, it’s because I’d be embarrassed if anyone ever found out.)

However, if there ever a reason to join, this is it: Mr. NPH himself has now joined. And yes, it’s real. @ActuallyNPH.

I think he’s been on for about four hours and already has over 20,000 followers. (and counting.) If you have a few free minutes, go to his page, hit refresh, and watch the numbers climb. It’s really kind of amazing. They go up by the hundreds like, every 10 seconds. (Why yes, I did have a free few minutes. Shut up. See, this is why I’m not saying whose pages I sometimes frequent.)

Yeah, in the time in took me to write this, it’s jumped to over 21,000. Amazing!

Also, HIMYM tonight? Awesome. (Ding!)

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