A letter to NBC

Dear NBC,
I’m still mad at you for the whole Conan/Leno fiasco, and I think you’ve successfully run your company into the ground these last few years.

However, you gave us a second season of Parks & Recreation, and just renewed it for a third, which shows some sense on your part. After all, everyone needs some Ron [Fucking] Swanson in their lives.

And coming soon: Parenthood! NBC, I am known to hold grudges, but if Parenthood lives up to its promos and stellar cast, I just might be able to leave my anger behind. Here’s a suggestion for saving your network: Replace Jeff Zucker with whoever put together the Parenthood promos. I can’t stop watching them. Seriously. I pretty much watch things exclusively on DVR, but if I see a promo for this show while zipping through a commercial break, I’ll stop, rewind, and watch the whole thing. By now, I’ve seen them all several times, but  still stop. They’re that good. They’ve become one of my favorite parts of the Olympics.

Please don’t fuck this up, NBC. You have tremendous talent both in front of and behind the camera. This could be The Cosby Show for the new decade. It could revive the network. It could give Lauren Graham and Peter Krause the Emmys they deserved long ago. DON’T. FUCK. THIS. UP.

A life-long watcher of NBC

Videos of the Day: See, can’t stop watching. Also, kudos on the music. I love it. My favorite is the Peter Krause, “Yo, yo, yo” promo, but sadly, it is not online. But just watch NBC for like, 5 minutes and I’m sure you’ll see it.

1 thought on “A letter to NBC

  1. agreed! If the show is as good as the promos I am going to be planted on the couch Tuesdays @ 10pm!

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