Turkey day favorites

Apartment hunting-turned townhouse hunting and work have kept me from updating lately. And, if I am being honest, what would possibly top my epic New York post? How do you move on from that? I don’t know.

However, it is Thanksgiving week, and I would be remiss if I didn’t use this space to share some of my favorite Tday clips, as I do every year. Last year was focused on Friends; this year is a hodgepodge.

Cheers epic food fight:

Lorelai and Rory prepare for four Thanksgiving dinners

Rory’s “yeah” at the end cracks me up every time.

Cliff Huxtable treks back and forth to the store

Dexter (aka Kyle Butler) has Thanksgiving with the Mitchell family. 

Creepy as fuck but so good. Three words for you: “Shut up, c*nt.”

And finally, my favorite, President Bartlett calls the Butterball hotline:

“We should do that once a week.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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