Countdown to Christmas (Part 1 of ?)

This is a sort of weird Christmas for me. I’m moving exactly one week beforehand, so no Christmas decorations or tree for me this year. Thus it has been kind of hard to get into the holiday spirit.

But you know what helps? Remembering some of my favorite Christmas moments in TV and film. I’ve done versions of this before, and there are bound to be repeats. But hey, it’s Christmas, the season of forgiveness. Right? Besides, classic holiday moments are meant to be watched over and over.

So, here is one of my favorites, from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Remember that show? It had problems. Lord, did it have problems. But if there is one thing Aaron Sorkin can do, it’s a fucking Christmas show. And so Studio 60‘s one season brought us The Christmas Show. Remember, the show aired in the 2006-07 season, and back then, Hurricane Katrina was fresh in everyone’s minds. And Sorkin, being Sorkin, got a bit political. That didn’t work a lot in Studio 60, but it worked here.

First of all, what a fucking performance and arrangement. Second, seeing “All I want or Christmas is my city back” will never not make me tear up. And third, when the show first aired, you could download the song off iTunes or somewhere on the Internet, and the proceeds would go to a New Orleans jazz fund. So it was really a win-win-win situation.

For anyone who cares, I *did* download the song back in 2006, and the beautiful arrangement holds a spot on my Holiday Cheer mix.

And also…I am very tempted to go on a rant about how much potential Studio 60 had, and how it was all squandered by ego and trying to make TV seem as important as the White House (see: the conversation between Steven Weber and Ed Asner at the start of the clip), but…it’s the holiday season. And it was 4 years ago. So…let’s just enjoy the pretty music, shall we?

What are some of your favorite TV or movie holiday moments?

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