On your marks, get set…

Will she make it after all?

Will she make it after all?

…Not quite go, but here’s where you should get ready if you plan to follow along. As I said in the first post, I’ve seen the first several episodes of Mary Tyler Moore season 1, and the first official TV-watching post will land this week.

This first post will be more general, about my first impressions of the show and fun facts I’ve learned about it. (Welcome to the good and the bad part of watching in the iPhone age.) I’ll corporate this into a larger review of the first disc of season 1, or the first 8 episodes, including:
Love is All Around
Today I am a  Ma’am
Bess, You Is My Daughter Now
Divorce Isn’t Everything
Keep Your Guard Up
Support Your Local Mother
Toulouse Lautrec Is One of my Favorite Artists
The Snow Must Go On

Check back in mid-week for the first installment of Classic TV Rewatch!

1 thought on “On your marks, get set…

  1. Clever! I always liked Rhoda. I should watch the MTM show again; it’s been decades. Yes, I remember watching it when it was in prime time, not Nick at night. Weeeeee.

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