I do enjoy lists

Things that are awesome:

  • Federal holidays that allow me to not only clean the apartment and go grocery shopping, but finally catch up on the DVR, Netflix and computer downloads.
  • The last couple of episodes of Dexter. (Jimmy Smits, there is a part of me – I’m not sure where it comes from – that wants to dislike you. But alas, you are kicking so much ass playing the role of Miguel Prado that I cannot.
  • The third season of Friday Night Lights. And that’s all I will say about that.
  • Last week’s episode of 30 Rock. “It’s Barpo!”
  • TV Boyfriend NPH being number 25 in Entertainment Weekly’s 25 Entertainers of the Year.
  • Having a job that lets me know about documentaries and other movies/radio series/TV specials I would otherwise miss. Like this.
  • This restaurant. I went last week, and man, oh man was it good. Some of the best chips and salsa I’ve ever had. Those who know me know that’s saying a lot.

Things not-so-awesome:

  • The moderator at the Amy Sedaris event last week. Girl came out wearing short black leggings (???) and a sparkly purple over-sized t-shirt. Who does she think she is, Claudia Kishi? Unfortunately, the wardrobe reflected her personality, loud, inappropriate, and in a world of her own. Amy did the best she could, but, well…see above.
  • How on earth is NPH only number 25? Did they not see ALL of Dr. Horrible?
  • Having my transit card SNAP IN HALF yesterday. (I know it’s not media related, but, seriously? Seriously, Metro?)
  • Forgetting to DVR Steve Carell on The Tonight Show last night. As Liz Lemon would say: Aw, nerds!
  • After finishing She’s Come Undone last week, I decided my next book needed to be light. I decided to go with Love is a Mix Tape, a book that my mom got me over the summer, thinking, I know – mix tape, music mixes, music mixes relating to life – this is up Sarah’s alley. So I pick it up from my shelf without reading the back cover, only to discover…this is perhaps the most depressing book EVER, as it’s all about this dude’s wife that died and he deals with his grief by listening to mixes she made him and remembering their relationship….yeah. Don’t worry, I quickly switched to Queen of the Oddballs. So far, it’s appropriately light.

Sorry for the delay in blogging. I usually write these from work (shhh!) and it’s been busy. Sometime, I’ll try the whole blogging from home thing.

Video of the Day: Number 25 my ass.

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