“Watch me mess up the news. I’m really terrible.”

Lou reads the newsHappy Sunday, Retrowatchers. How have you enjoyed TV premiere week? And most importantly: How are you handling the looming final episode of Breaking Bad? Me – I am  ready to be done with Walter White, and I don’t know I can handle seeing much else happen to poor Jesse. As for premiere week – I’m already on board with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; am not sure about The Crazy Ones yet, but will give it another shot for Buffy and Bob Benson; was absolutely delighted with the premiere of Glee but am dreading the Finn tribute; loved Parenthood and am happy to see Ray Romano return; and yesterday decided to check in on How I Met Your Mother after taking last year off. I’m begrudgingly  back on board – at least temporarily.  The last scene with Ted and The Mother got me. Damn you, HIMYM – I once loved you, then defended you, then got so mad at you I had to leave, and now you suck me back in to your final season.

I know what you’re thinking – with all of that, there’s no way you had time to watch Mary Tyler Moore this week. Well, fear not, Retrowatchers, I managed to squeeze it in. I know, I know. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to…well, I guess really no one HAS to do it. But I did. So here we go – MTM, season 2, episodes 5-8.

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“I figured if I was frozen, I’d keep better.”

Mary and BessRetrowatchers, we’ve arrived at season two of Mary Tyler Moore, and the moment of truth.  Generally, the second season is when a show reveals its true colors: Was the first season a fluke? Do these characters have longevity? Will the audience remain invested? Will it be a sophomore slump or prove itself to be a success? Something tells me that MTM will hold up – after all it’s not like I’ve chosen historically BAD shows to watch. But you never know – let’s find out. This week, MTM season 2, episodes 1-4. Continue reading

“If you’re not doing anything tonight…I’m coming home.”

225965Hello Retrowatchers! Believe it or not we’ve come to the end of season one. That went fast, didn’t it? I am a champion TV marathoner, and even though watching one season over four weeks is relatively slow for me, it still flew by.

Let’s get to it: This week we discuss Mary Tyler Moore season 1, episodes 21-24.

My first thought after finishing these was: Well that was fun! Second thought: Ask and ye shall receive. Last week I said I wanted more episodes involving Lou and Rhoda; this week we get two spotlight episodes for Lou and one for Rhoda. Thanks, MTM writers! Continue reading

“You smell like you’ve been dancing with Dean Martin”

UrsulaTheLittleMermaidHello! We’ve made it to week three of the Mary Tyler Moore retrowatch. Retrowatching HQ was slightly delayed this week due to switching Internet providers. All is well now so lets dive right in. This week: season 1, episodes 17-20.

Here’s the big thing I took out of this week’s watch: I don’t care about Mary’s life when it doesn’t involve the newsroom, Rhoda and/or Phyllis. This came up briefly last week when discussing Mary’s love life, and this week was no exception. It’s a puzzlement to me, and I’m not sure if it’s a sign of strength (the ensemble is airtight and works so well together) or weakness (the writers and actors can’t make it work with people outside their group.) It’s not as if Moore is a bad actress. The whole situation confuses me.  Let me explain:

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Programming note

You may recognize this from The Colbert Report. Taken from nofactzone.net

You may recognize this from The Colbert Report. Taken from nofactzone.net

Due to some technical difficulties this week, I’m just now getting around to watching the next batch of episodes. There will be no update this evening. Check back this weekend. I’m not sure if anyone is fastidiously checking here every Thursday for a new post, but in case you were waiting on it – should be up in a couple of days.