Hollywood’s biggest night: A delayed live blog

I don’t have the technology (i.e. a laptop) for a live blog, but I did jot down some thoughts…ok, a LOT of thoughts, last night while watching the Oscars. Just pretend you’re reading this on Sunday night.

  • OMG! NPH!
  • Wow, Alex and Steve are actually funny. I can’t believe I’m laughing out loud.
  • George Clooney + long hair = HOT.
  • T- Bone Burnett looks pretty badass.
  • Aw, Coraline should have won best animated film. It kicked ass.
  • Tina Fey looks beautiful!
  • Why are all the men wearing sunglasses?
  • Why is Molly Ringwald at the Oscars? Oh. John Hughes tribute. This is going to be sad.
  • Yep, totally made me cry. His films are so much more than they seem to be. But why no clips from Uncle Buck?
  • Very cool to have successful feature directors talk about their short films. Better way to get the audience to care than nominating 10 for best picture.
  • Nick Park! I love Wallace and Gromit!
  • Why did that woman interrupt the director of the best short doc winner? Worst. Speech. Ever. (Update: You can find out why here. Stay classy, Elinor Burkett.)
  • Why does Ben Stiller always make an ass of himself at award shows? Just say no, Ben.
  • I really wanted to see A Serious Man, but I think it was in theaters for like, a week.
  • Up in the Air is the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. I bet it wins adapted screenplay, but I’d like to see it win best picture.
  • Ooh – it went to Precious. Maybe there’s hope for Up in the Air after all.
  • Morgan Freeman looks underwhelmed to be there.
  • I don’t understand the world’s obsession with Penelope Cruz. She just bugs.
  • Sigourney Weaver has been eaten by her dress.
  • I am SO NOT interested in seeing Precious. There, I said it.
  • Is Edward Scissorhands a horror film?
  • I don’t know enough about sound in film, but it seems like if you win for sound editing, you should also win for mixing. Looks like the academy agrees. The Hurt Locker – 3; Avatar – 1. (Update: At this point in the night, I started rooting for The Hurt Locker to take it.)
  • Elizabeth Banks, I love your dress! Tim Gunn would approve.
  • Damn, The Hurt Locker – 3; Avatar -2.
  • Oh, In Memoriam, my fave. I hope they don’t fuck it up like last year.
  • No, this way isn’t very good either. Too fast and too much info on the screen.
  • Aw, Natasha Richardson.
  • A Commercial for Happy Town. The only reason I’m interested in watching that is for the amazing Amy Acker.
  • These dancers are a lot better than the ones on the Vancouver Opening Ceremonies.
  • Why isn’t the audience on their feet? That was amazing!
  • Avatar gains again. But it is for visual effects, so I’ll give it that. You win this time, Cameron.
  • Ooh! Modern Family commercial just for the Oscars! If anyone hasn’t seen this show, you’re really missing out.
  • Matt Damon was 27 when he won that Oscar? Damn. Now I feel inadequate. About to turn 29, and no Oscar.
  • I know I should see Food, Inc., but then I’d never eat again.
  • Fisher Stevens? What??
  • Woo! The Hurt Locker pulls ahead again in editing.  HL – 4; Avatar – 3.
  • I know it’s going to Jeff Bridges, but I’d love to see George Clooney or Jeremy Renner take home best actor.
  • Nice idea, but these pre-actor speeches are WAY too long.
  • Oh, God. Oprah. We’ll be here forever.
  • Michael Sheen! I love him more than anyone.
  • I really want Meryl Streep to win. She broke my heart in Julie and Julia.
  • I’m still not over Sean Penn beating Mickey Rourke last year.
  • Seriously, who the fuck calls themself Sapphire? Ugh.
  • KATHRYN BIGALOW – WOO! Suck it, Cameron! (But seriously – so deserved – The Hurt Locker is amazing.)
  • There is never a time I’m not happy to see Tom Hanks.
  • Holy crap! The Hurt Locker takes it all! Woooo!!
  • Man, I’m glad I saw The Hurt Locker last night. Good timing, self.
  • Thank you and good night!

Short takes

  • Sorry, Jon Cryer. But REALLY? WTF, Emmy people? If NPH had lost to Rainn Wilson or one of the 30 Rock guys, I’d understand. But John Cryer??  Other than that (and Dexter‘s snub…again) I was pretty okay with the outcome of the Emmys. If Drew Barrymore couldn’t have won for playing Little Edie in Grey Gardens, then Jessica Lange was a good choice. And, obviously, NPH rocked it as host. Can he just host everything now, ever?

I mean, really. And I don’t even think I need to mention Dr. Horrible hijacking the ceremony. Awesomesauce.

  • Speaking of Dexter, I’ve seen the season 4 premiere. Without giving anything away: YOWZA! It’s a doozy, and it’s wonderful, and I’m so glad it’s back. Or will be, officially, on Sunday. Also, note to viewers: This season promises to be creepier than the last two. I got used to being able to watch it alone in the dark. Umm, maybe don’t do that this season. I had to take my teddy bear with me for protection to the kitchen and bathroom after watching it alone, in the dark, in my room, at night.
  • For anyone in the DC area: The National Book Festival is this weekend, on the mall. And before you scoff, let me tell you that both Mr. John Irving and Ms. Judy Blume will be there. I’ll give you ladies a moment to calm down, because JUDY BLUME! I feel like I owe it to my former pre-teen self to go. She did after all, write one of my favorite books of all time.  
  • Glee continues to be fantastic. Did everyone see last night’s episode? I have three words: “Yes, we cane.” Brilliant.
  • Both HIMYM and Big Bang Theory had delightful premiers. And umm…excuse me for a minute while I reveal my inner fangirl: ROBINANDBARNEYOMGSOCUTE! There. Also, I’m still laughing at the emoticon jokes from Big Bang.
  • So, in other words, yay fall TV!

Video of the Day: One of my favorite things ever. Also, I read a rumor that David Hyde Pierce was on the shortlist of people to play Albert in the Birdie revival, and a small part of me died. Honestly, he’s not the right type, physically, and he’s probably a bit too old, but still.  Anyway, this and “Show People” from Curtains are my current go-to songs for a.) getting psyched and b.) making me happy. My favorite part is the terrible dancing combined with the bouncing hair.


Be sure to watch tonight, at 8/7 central on CBS. Last year’s ratings were terrible (as was the show, really, except for Tina Fey’s acceptance speeches), but this year promises to be awesome with host Neil Patrick Harris. Word on the street is, he might do something from the (Emmy winning!) Dr. Horrible! That alone should be reason enough to tune in.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for How I Met Your Mother for best comedy, NPH for supporting actor, Jim Parsons for lead actor, Grey Gardens for miniseries, Drew Barrymore for actress in a miniseries, and my man Michael C. Hall for actor in a drama. But I have a horrible track record with award shows; what I want to win never does. Who knows, maybe this will be the year. (Yes, I say that every year, and yes, I am always wrong.)

Video of the Day: Dr. Horrible in the Emmy houuuuseeee! I don’t really care what song they do, but this is my favorite.

“Valium is my favorite color. How’d you know?”


Last month, I had the pleasure of seeing Next to Normal at the Booth Theater in New York. I haven’t written about the show, mostly because I can’t say much without spoiling it for future theater-goers. My friend and I went in knowing very little about the show, and that’s the way to see it.

Here’s what I can tell you: The show is about a woman named Diana struggling with depression and mental illness, and how this affects her family. Her husband just wants things to be normal, loves his wife unconditionally, and is frustrated that she is unable to return to her former self. Her daughter is a perfectionist, eager to get a scholarship to college and flee her family. Her son is, as Diana puts it, “a little shit.” Throughout the show, Diana goes through a variety of treatments; some help, some don’t.

Despite the depressing plot, it’s actually a very funny show. Diana, who knows she is sick, has a sarcastic self-awareness. Likewise, her daughter Natalie has inherited Diana’s quick wit.

It’s also sad, and the most heartbreaking character of all is Diana’s husband, Dan, played to perfection by J. Robert Spencer. There’s been a lot of hoopla about Alice Ripley’s performance. And yeah, she’s very good. I can see why she won the Tony this year. But to me, the real hero in this ensemble is Spencer. I’m not an actor, and I wouldn’t presume to know anything about playing a character struggling with depression. However, it’s one of those roles that garners attention. It’d be easy for the person playing the foil to be cast aside. Spencer does not let this happen. He holds his own against Ripley, and gives one of the best, most convincing performances I’ve ever seen. Watching Dan struggle to keep his family together broke my heart. And, without giving too much away, there is a scene in the second act between Dan and his son, Gabe, that brought me to tears. (See picture above) In fact, I still get teared up listening to it on my iPod.

Those kids were cute on the Tony Awards, and I’m dying to see Billy Elliot, but Spencer was seriously robbed this year. He should have won.

And really, that’s all I can say about the show. Everyone should go see it. It’s heavy, but not in-your-face. It will make you think. It will move you. But, much like Rent (also directed by Michael Greif), it leaves the audience feeling hopeful, and ready to live life to the fullest. (Cliche? Maybe. But it’s true.)

Oh yeah, and the music is incredible. I can’t get the score out of my head.

Here’s a little taste – here is one of my favorite songs from the first act. 

And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go listen to the cast recording for the second time today.