You make ME crazy

I haven’t posted anything about the American Idol finale, mostly because I don’t want to cause any interweb wars over Adam vs. Kris.

I will just say that I think the wrong person won, and even though it will be better in the long run for Adam to not be contracted with American Idol, it still pissed me off and made me sad because he should have won. He was clearly more talented. And I don’t even think that’s objective. Say what you will about his style of music, and his artistic choices – I know they are not everyone’s cup of tea. I didn’t like everything he did (despite my love for Simon Cowell, and generally thinking he is a brilliant music producer, Adam completely ruined “One” a few weeks ago – you don’t mess with perfection), but it was clear from the start he was the most talented contestant. And, if that weren’t enough, I am honestly still kind of baffled by his losing after the penultimate show – “A Change is Gonna Come” was, hands down, the best performance of any song ever to grace the American Idol stage. (And that includes anything Melinda Doolittle ever did – which says a lot.) In case you missed this performance, here it is. You can’t tell me he didn’t deserve it after that. (Not even taking into account the whole season – “Tracks of My Tears”, “Mad World”, etc.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Anyway…those are my thoughts.

Except – have you all seen this? It’s for some charity event awhile back. May I just say, on a totally superficial note, DAMN. I’m totally going to an Adam Lambert show one of these days. The entertainment value alone will be worth the price of admission.

Back in time


In my last post, I said it was good to have a song that reminds you of the past and makes you feel younger.

Then there are those songs from your past that transport you back in time. I heard one this evening, courtesy of Mr. Adam Lambert.

In 2002, I listened to Gary Jules’ cover of Mad World approximately 10,000 times.

It wasn’t my fault. My housemates were obsessed with the song, and with Donnie Darko. So were my (adult) coworkers at my part-time job on campus. So were all of my fellow film students. Everyone was. (I actually had a long conversation about how deep and sad the song was with my then 34-year-old boss. Doesn’t seem so weird now that I’m older, but at the time, I couldn’t believe she had even heard of the song, let alone loved it.)

Ironically, I didn’t see Donnie Darko until years later, after I’d graduated and was living in Maryland again. For years, I’d been afraid to, as one of my housemates told me it was the creepiest movie she’d ever seen.

I liked the movie a lot, did find it creepy, though not one for the books.

But I liked the song more. Correction: I loved the song. Still do. So when Adam sang it tonight, I was transported back to 2002, my old house on College Street, my old job, and my old life.

It was kinda nice.

Thanks, Adam.

Video of the Day: Not the official video, but here’s the full song. I have a feeling it’ll be getting a lot more play on my iPod this week.


In case you all havent’ seen it yet, Mr. Adam Lambert ROCKED it last night, by not rocking it at all.

My favorite daily TV critic Alan Sepinwall said this of his performance:

Nice. Very nice. I’ve been saying for a few weeks that Adam’s clearly the most talented singer this year, but that I haven’t yet liked anything he’s chosen to do with that talent. Not anymore.

I agree – though I liked his version of Ring of Fire last week. Then again, I’m not a die hard country music fan. (Or for that matter, even “fan.” I respect and appreciate the genre, but it’s generally not my cup of tea.)

Putting it all out there

I got a new shelf this weekend. Fascinating, right?

Well, I was pretty excited about it. After having the same one since graduating from college, I needed something bigger. My DVD collection was spread out about the apartment – some on the shelf, some in my closet, and some downstairs in my storage room. So I made my maiden voyage to IKEA and, after feeling like the Goldilocks of shelves (too big, too small, too weird, not spaced right), I finally found one that was juuuust right.

This thing is big. It stands over 70 inches tall. So I figured I would have more than enough room to fit all my DVDs. I could finally take Buffy and Angel out of the closet, and bring up Scrubs and Studio 60 from storage. Those Cheers videotapes I ordered when I was 12 would have a new home (I just can’t get rid of them yet, not until I have the whole series on DVD). All this, with surely tons of room to spare!

Or…not. See for yourself.


You know how in the movies or on TV, someone will realize he/she has a drinking problem by looking in trash and seeing how many bottles are there? It’s all there, in his/her face and they can’t deny it. That’s kind of how I felt on Monday, after I finished putting my DVDs away. Granted, I am leaving space, so I probably have half a shelf more space than appears here. And some of it is stuff from my childhood that I feel I should keep, like my high school’s performance of Guys and Dolls and this video I made with a friend on U2 for FANatic. (Remember FANatic? My friend was going to be the ultimate fan, and I was going to be the friend that sent in the tape, and gets to tag along and meet the band. This tape is horribly, terribly embarrassing and I don’t want anyone to ever see it. Maybe I could put that one back in the closet.)  

But still. Damn. I own a lot of DVDs. (And still want more. I don’t even have all of Angel!)

Video of the Day:
Dear Ricky Braddy,
If you are going to attempt A Song for You on American Idol (which I suggest you do not) this is how it should be done. C’mon, man. You really think you’re going out sing Elliott? I didn’t see Paula making a mess of herself over you. (And that’s not even hard to do, Danny Gokey.)