On your marks, get set…

Will she make it after all?

Will she make it after all?

…Not quite go, but here’s where you should get ready if you plan to follow along. As I said in the first post, I’ve seen the first several episodes of Mary Tyler Moore season 1, and the first official TV-watching post will land this week.

This first post will be more general, about my first impressions of the show and fun facts I’ve learned about it. (Welcome to the good and the bad part of watching in the iPhone age.) I’ll corporate this into a larger review of the first disc of season 1, or the first 8 episodes, including:
Love is All Around
Today I am a  Ma’am
Bess, You Is My Daughter Now
Divorce Isn’t Everything
Keep Your Guard Up
Support Your Local Mother
Toulouse Lautrec Is One of my Favorite Artists
The Snow Must Go On

Check back in mid-week for the first installment of Classic TV Rewatch!

Watch this space

*Dusts off wordpress webpage*

*Hopes people still visit this site.*

Ermm, hi. Remember me? It’s been a couple of years. I could make excuses, but the truth is I just kind of ran out of steam and inspiration. Probably finally joining Facebook and Twitter didn’t help either. So many ways to express yourself on the Internet now. Blogs are soooo 2006.

Well, that may be true, but I’ve been feeling the urge to DO SOMETHING creative again, so I thought I’d attempt to bring this old gal out of retirement and see if she still has legs. (Old gal = the blog, not me. I assure you my limbs are currently in working order.)

So here’s my thought: Recently I watched the miniseries America In Primetime.  Longtime readers (are you still there?) of this blog will know that I have a lifelong love affair with television, so this was pretty much a match made in heaven. I was captivated for the four hours it ran, and came out of it with a long list of classic TV shows I’ve never gotten around to watching. And also the realization that when Jon Hamm is being interviewed while filmed in a close up shot, I really can’t do anything but get lost in his soulful green eyes. But don’t take my word for it – look:


… I’m sorry what were you saying? Am not lying guys – I had to rewind his scenes like 3 times before I actually understood the words coming out of his mouth. Even now I feel my mind wanderi……..

So anyway, here’s my thought: Why not document my self-imposed TV education by writing about it here? I’m not exactly sure what this means yet – – reviews episode by episode? One DVD disc at a time? By season? Or one big review at the end? No review at all, just a general discussion? Suggestions are welcome in the comments. My feeling is right now that even though I may start with a structure, it could devolve or be interrupted by Very Important Episodes.

My goal will be to stick to a schedule (probably weekly), and I will end the posts with what’s up next so people can watch along with me if they choose. I hope you will! It’s always more fun to watch in a group.

The last thing I want to mention is I’m not sure if I will use this site or start a new blog.  If I choose to start fresh, I’ll provide a link here.

First up on my list is Mary Tyler Moore (no I never saw it. I KNOW. But I just never did. I think it started airing on Nick at Nite around the time I stopped watching.) I’ve seen the first eight or nine episodes. I both have thoughts and don’t really have thoughts about the show so far, if that makes sense. Let’s put it this way: I hear it gets better. People my age like it, so maybe what seems like a generational humor thing goes away.

Other shows include:

Dick Van Dyke
The Sopranos

Homicide: Life on the Street*
The Shield
The Larry Sanders Show
The Cosby Show*
Weeds (was never really interested but after gorging myself last week on Orange is the New Black, I am ready to hear whatever Jenji Kohan has to say. Also: Go watch Orange is the New Black. It’s ok. I’ll wait.)
Nurse Jackie**
United States of Tara**

* Would be somewhat of a rewatch – have either seen all episodes or some episodes
** I know, technically not “classic” but important TV I have yet to watch.

It’s a long list. I am nothing if not an ambitious TV watcher.  And your suggestions are welcome. What am I missing?

Until next time…stay tuned!

My pop culture summer, part 1

Well folks, the eve of summer is upon us. To my mind, it has already passed. How was yours? Mine…wasn’t terriffic. I am looking forward to a new season and am determined to make fall fun. But whatever else I can say about the summer, I have to admit, it was pretty kick ass in terms of pop culture. I saw 4 shows (3 musicals, 1 play); saw my boys play in Chicago; discovered some new bands and podcasts; read great books; went to a great film festival; and even had time to watch (or re watch) some TV. So it wasn’t all bad.

Below is the first installment of my best of summer pop culture picks. Feel free to share yours in the comments!

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