Two for two

This is old news by now, but I’d like to jump on the bandwagon and say: YAY! NPH is hosting the Emmys! Also, it appears I am quite predictable. On the day this was announced, I got not one but TWO texts from people delivering the news. What can I say? I am what I am…. That’s Popeye. (Bonus points to anyone who gets the reference.)

I’m excited about this, but I also hope it doesn’t hurt his chances of a nomination and/or a win. Anyone who watches HIMYM knows he’s at least worthy of a nomination. And IMO, a win, but so far the Emmy people haven’t agreed. But what do they know? They give Jeremy Piven awards just for breathing. And Martin Sheen didn’t win in all the 7 years The West Wing was on the air. And have they never watched Dexter? Why diss Michael C. Hall ever year, and not even recognize Dexter‘s amazing supporting cast? And don’t even get me STARTED on Friday Night Lights.

Even so, I love the show and watch ever year. (And every year, I’m disappointed.) At least this year will have a good host.

Video of the Day:

In honor of the news, here’s one of my favorite NPH clips. Makes me laugh every time.

Rock on, TV Boyfriends!

This just in from the Hollywood Foreign Press (Golden Globes):





I swear if Piven wins this again, I’m going to boycott all award shows. (Okay, that’s just crazy talk. But I will be pissed. NPH doesn’t even have to win, just NOT Piven.

Though, I am not sure how much clout the HFP holds for me this year, as both Mamma Mia! and Burn After Reading are best picture nominees. I will give them the Cohen Brothers, but…Mamma Mia!? Huh? That movie scarred me for life. And as talented as Meryl Streep is…she does not deserve her best actress nomination.

Sorry, no time for Video of the Day. Have to get back to work!

‘Stache watch

Dear Michael C.  Hall,

We need to talk. Listen, I am a huge fan. I love what you’re doing on Dexter, loved you in Six Feet Under, and while I’ve never gotten to see you on stage, I understand you’re quite the song and dance man, which is a huge plus in my book. So I am writing to you because I admire you. I think you are immensely talented. I also think you are immensely hot. I appreciate that Dexter has been known to walk around his apartment shirtless. And I appreciate that it cannot be easy to maintain such a well-toned body such as yours.


Since playing the uptight David Fisher on Six Feet Under, you have really mastered the scruff look. After all, it’s part of Harry’s Code that you look non-descript – not too neat, not too messy, right? You pull off the stubbly-scruffy look beautifully. No one can deny that.


The first time I saw that picture, my heart skipped a beat.

So, you’re a huge talent. You’re gorgeous. You’re dating a beautiful woman (albeit it’s a little odd as a viewer to see pictures of you with your TV-sister, but I also know that you’re, you know, actual people and not the characters you play). You’re on a hit show for which you’re critically acclaimed. So…why go and ruin it all (well, the looks part anyway) with this?


What the hell are you doing man? Are you in a play I don’t know about? Are you shooting a Western? What’s going on? I know it’s hiatus time for Dexter, and so maybe you want to experiment a little, but to actually go out in public with that thing on your face? I don’t understand. (And this is the least offensive picture I could fine.)

Listen, the thing is, there are very few men who can pull off the mustache. And if you’re Alex Trebek, Tom Selleck, Clark Gable, or anyone in the cast of Deadwood, then, fine. Mustache it up! But otherwise, you really just look creepy.

Please don’t hate me. I am telling you this as a fan. As someone who enjoys your performances and hopes to keep enjoying them for years to come. However, I have to warn you, if you keep with the moustache and wear it in your next film or television project? I’m not sure I could watch. (Unless, as I said before, you’re growing it because you’re in a Western.) Don’t let it come to that.

Sarah (on behalf of women all over the world)


Video of the Day:

This season of Dexter has gotten a lot of flak from the critics, but I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it. Here’s a scene from last week’s episode. I might be just a little afraid of Jimmy Smits now.

I do enjoy lists

Things that are awesome:

  • Federal holidays that allow me to not only clean the apartment and go grocery shopping, but finally catch up on the DVR, Netflix and computer downloads.
  • The last couple of episodes of Dexter. (Jimmy Smits, there is a part of me – I’m not sure where it comes from – that wants to dislike you. But alas, you are kicking so much ass playing the role of Miguel Prado that I cannot.
  • The third season of Friday Night Lights. And that’s all I will say about that.
  • Last week’s episode of 30 Rock. “It’s Barpo!”
  • TV Boyfriend NPH being number 25 in Entertainment Weekly’s 25 Entertainers of the Year.
  • Having a job that lets me know about documentaries and other movies/radio series/TV specials I would otherwise miss. Like this.
  • This restaurant. I went last week, and man, oh man was it good. Some of the best chips and salsa I’ve ever had. Those who know me know that’s saying a lot.

Things not-so-awesome:

  • The moderator at the Amy Sedaris event last week. Girl came out wearing short black leggings (???) and a sparkly purple over-sized t-shirt. Who does she think she is, Claudia Kishi? Unfortunately, the wardrobe reflected her personality, loud, inappropriate, and in a world of her own. Amy did the best she could, but, well…see above.
  • How on earth is NPH only number 25? Did they not see ALL of Dr. Horrible?
  • Having my transit card SNAP IN HALF yesterday. (I know it’s not media related, but, seriously? Seriously, Metro?)
  • Forgetting to DVR Steve Carell on The Tonight Show last night. As Liz Lemon would say: Aw, nerds!
  • After finishing She’s Come Undone last week, I decided my next book needed to be light. I decided to go with Love is a Mix Tape, a book that my mom got me over the summer, thinking, I know – mix tape, music mixes, music mixes relating to life – this is up Sarah’s alley. So I pick it up from my shelf without reading the back cover, only to discover…this is perhaps the most depressing book EVER, as it’s all about this dude’s wife that died and he deals with his grief by listening to mixes she made him and remembering their relationship….yeah. Don’t worry, I quickly switched to Queen of the Oddballs. So far, it’s appropriately light.

Sorry for the delay in blogging. I usually write these from work (shhh!) and it’s been busy. Sometime, I’ll try the whole blogging from home thing.

Video of the Day: Number 25 my ass.

This week’s episode of Dexter seriously freaked me out

Last night, for the first time in three weeks, I had no plans. It was glorious. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy going out on a Friday night and having a good time. But sometimes, it’s nice to just chill at home. Considering the fact that I’ve got a busy week ahead of me – lots to do at work, plus a friend visiting – I was more than happy to have a break. So I decided to catch up the TV I missed this week, including the latest episode of Dexter.

Now. I don’t know how many of you watch the show. I will be the first to admit that it’s not for everyone – it can be kinda gory, there’s lots of death, the main character is a sociopath – but I love it. Michael C. Hall gives an impeccable performance very week, it has a very strong supporting cast, and the writing is, for the most part, flawless. It doesn’t hurt that Mr. MCH is a hottie, either. See?

Yum. BTW, did anyone see the ad campaign for season three? Check it out. Genius, I tell ya. Genius.

Despite all my Dexter love, I haven’t been as excited about season three. Until last night.

At the end of last season, Dexter decided he had outgrown the Code of Harry, and wanted to distance himself from his abnormal upbringing. At the beginning of this season, we see Dexter trying to do things his way. He doesn’t celebrate his late father’s birthday with his sister, Deb. He starts spending more time with his girlfriend, Rita, and her two kids. And all this distancing is great until he accidentally kills someone…innocent.

I thought this was going to be the set up for season three. Dexter kills an innocent man, strikes an odd relationship with the victim’s brother (played by Jimmy Smits), and the mystery of the season is trying to find Freebo, suspected killer of Oscar Prado, who was really Dexter’s innocent victim. And Dexter also killed Freebo in the second episode, because Dexter thought that Freebo was responsible for killing his girlfriend so…where was this circuitous storyline going? Seemed like a tilted version of season two, and not nearly as interesting.

Well, I was wrong. This week we learn that there is a new killer in town, responsible for killing Freebo’s girlfriend and a second victim in the same manner. (Got all that?)

Meanwhile, Rita is pregnant. Ehh?

So, why did this episode freak me out? Because Dexter’s weekly victim turned out not be a fellow killer, but a pedophile. And pedophile stories? Make my skin crawl. Whether is Nabakov doing the storytelling, or Desperate Housewives, I can’t stand it. It’s disgusting, it’s creepy, and it’s bone chilling. And on a show like Dexter, with top-notch acting, editing, set design, you name it, it’s even more bone chilling, because it’s done so well.

See for yourself. (Dude comes in around 3:30)

Despite getting the willies, I loved the episode. Finally, the season seems to be taking direction. A real mystery is set up, suspects are laid out (is it Miguel Prado? Why is he being so nice to Dexter? Is it the new guy in the PD? Or maybe the narc Deb’s been using?), and Dexter, in his own very fucked up way, decides he wants to be a father. The odd thing about this last plot line is that Dexter will probably be a very good father. He has killer instincts (haha), he is fiercely protective, he loves kids and is good with them…there’s just that whole serial killer thing working against him.

I wasn’t too happy with the whole pregnancy story line at first. First of all, it was painfully obvious where they were going in the premier. Second, the writers turned Rita, who had grown incredibly strong these last two seasons, back to the insecure, dependent woman we first met. However, I liked that the writers had Dexter explore his serious reservations about raising a child. And, let’s be honest, they are valid. Will the kid get his demonic side? If we look back at the first season, I’d say no – remember the sweet little boy Dexter was before? His circumstances made him who he was, not his DNA.

I’m just wondering how they are going to handle the whole marriage/living together situation. You know it’ll come up. And what is Dexter supposed to do? If he moves in, he can’t stalk his prey at home or stay out all night. But he can’t exactly not move in, either.

As for the mystery arc of the season, I’m glad they’ve flushed it out. And I’m hooked now, because I have a feeling we’ve already met the killer, we just don’t know it.

But, guys? Stay away from the pedophile story lines, okay?  I know confronting the guy was Dexter’s way of realizing how much he cared about Rita’s kids, how much he cares about Rita, and that he does in fact want to be a father, but…creepy, guys. Creepy. *shudder*

Video of the Day:

On a much happier note: Michael asked out Holly! It’s about time! Did anyone else besides me (and Holly) get a little teary? I’m dying for Amy Ryan to stick around through the rest of the season. I know she’s a big star and the chances are slim, but I’m crossing my fingers. She fits in so perfectly, and has great chemistry with Steve Carell. This episode reminded me why The Office is one of my favorite shows, and why I love Steve Carell. He plays the wounded man so well, and as an audience member, I feel so much for him. I was SO glad he didn’t bow down to Jan yet again, and finally grew a pair and did what he wanted. Hopefully, he will chase that feeling.

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