Clear Eyes, Full Hearts…..


I didn’t want to say anything in yesterday’s post, partly because I wasn’t sure if it was official and partly out of respect for Andy Hallett but – Friday Night Lights fans, rejoice! It’s now official – the show has been renewed for two more seasons!

I spent part of this weekend catching up on the latest slew of episodes. I really had to steel myself to watch Jason Street’s departure again. That episode is now my favorite one of the whole series – but the first time I watched it, I cried for about fifteen minutes afterward. Sobbing, heaving, sloppy crying, not just little tears. Between Jason’s tearful plea, Matt’s impromptu try out for wide receiver,  and Coach Taylor’s heartfelt speech to his wife about not being able to buy her dream home, I was a mess. Not to mention everything Tim Riggins says and does the whole episode.

But I pushed my way through, and am now caught up again and ready for the last two episodes of the season.  Man are they good.

(And by the way, without giving anything away – if the series had ended with the season three finale, I would have been very upset. It’s an ending, but also a beginning, and well..that’s all I’ll say. I’ll tell you whether or not I liked it in two weeks.)

The most recent one, “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall”, is one of my favorites of the season. Everything about it is so perfectly executed. The mounting tension between JD and his father finally comes to a head, and what results is pretty darn scary. I have to give major props to D.W. Moffet, who is giving the performance of a lifetime in Joe McCoy. I hate him – mostly because Moffett plays the part so realistically. I have no idea what’s going to happen with the McCoy family next season, or if they will even be in the show at all. I hope so – not only because I like seeing Maggie O’Connell Janine Turner working, but because  Joe McCoy is such a great villain, for both the town of Dillion and for Coach Taylor. (He’s also, seriously, really scary. I know parents like him exist – not only in football, but in any competitive activity – but still. Watching him makes me feel like Julie did after going to Matt’s house for the first time in season one. “You guys are the best parents in the world,” she told Tami and Eric. “I love you.”)

Video of the Day: It’s a toss up for my favorite scene in “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall.” I love the one with Riggins and Lyla after the game, when he kicks her ass in the sweetest way possible. But in the end, this one really gets me. Tyra Collette has always been one of my favorite characters, but she’s really fantastic this season. Her journey reminds me of Pam Beesly’s journey in season three of The Office.

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Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned the FNL countdown. I’ve been stuck in bed with a bad cold since Tuesday and have done little else than blow my nose, drink cold soda and watch Cheers and the first two episodes of American Idol.

I’m still sick at home, but will try to do something for the countdown today. If not today, then a big ole’ post tomorrow.

In the meantime, they finally put the digital short from NPH’s SNL on Hulu. If you didn’t get to catch it before they took it off Youtube, check it out below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“No sir. My eyes were open. My eyes were wide open.” The Countdown to FNL


The new season of Friday Night Lights starts this Friday, January 16th, at 9 Eastern, 8 Central on NBC.

Now, as regular readers know, I’ve already seen most of the season. But hey, look, it’s okay! Zach Gilford says so! And, for the record, what he says is always what I intended to do. I do feel better about the whole thing after reading that, though.

I’m not going to spoil people by spilling the beans on this season. I will say that this is a very good season for Friday Night Lights. Excellent, even. I cried after almost every episode. There is one episode (and I think you all will know it when you see it) that made me sob. Sob, I tell you!  Said episode also featured what is now my favorite Tami/Eric scene in FNL history. There are some new recurring guest stars that made me very happy. Taylor Kitsch is still insanely hot, as is Kyle Chandler. Matt Saracen will still break your heart. Landry is still awesome. Ditto for Tami. And, well, that’s all I can really say without giving stuff away.

So what I’m going to do instead is have a Countdown to FNL. Every day this week, I’ll be posting some of my favorite FNL scenes. (Thanks, Hulu! BTW, is currently streaming seasons 1 and 2 – go check it out to catch up and/or refresh your memory.) So,sit back, relax, and get ready to revisit Dillon, Texas.

First up, the Panthers homecoming parade. Excellent use of music – with Tony Lucca covering “Devil Town.” Any time I hear this song now, I think of this scene and tear up.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The above scene is also a callback to the first town montage – in the series’ second episode. Nice use of bookending; after all, isn’t this when the season really started?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Episode two also features the scene which made me fall in love with the show. Don’t get me wrong, I was into it from the beginning. But this scene – this scene both broke and filled my heart at the same time. This scene introduced us to the real Coach Taylor and the real Matt Saracen. This scene was, for me, the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Check back here tomorrow for more great clips. And remember: Friday night! 9 p.m.! NBC! Be there! I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow – Part Deux

Back in my days of blogging for my old newspaper, I came up with a list of five male celebrities with effortlessly perfect hair.  So did Liz.

Mine included Matthew Perry, James Gunn, Kyle Chandler, Michael C. Hall and Paul Rudd. Liz honored Matthew Perry (cause really, have you seen the dude’s hair?) John Corbett (I’m guessing Northern Exposure-era), Naveen Andrews, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogan and Gael Garcia  Bernal.

And that was that.

Until this weekend, when we watched Half Nelson, which is a great movie. But when all was said and done, and after we praised the film for its quietness, and for the great performances from Ryan Gosling and Shareeka Epps, and wondered if “half nelson” was some crack term we didn’t know about (we only know it from wrestling), we got down to the important stuff:

“Ryan Gosling is really, really hot.”

“I know.”

“And I know he’s playing a drug addict in the film, but…that’s pretty much my exact type – tall, skinny, disheveled.”


“I’m not sure what this says about me. It seems whenever someone plays a drug addict in a film [see – Ewan McGregor, Trainspotting] I find them really hot.”

This led to a discussion of his hair, which brought us back to our lists, and the mutual agreement that if we ever made another one, he’d be on it. (We really are intelligent, sophisticated, cultured women, I promise.)

The next night, I was having trouble sleeping and (like you do) started thinking of who else could be on the distinguished list of Effortlessly Perfect Hair.

Disclaimer before I start: No head of hair will ever be more beautiful and perfectly effortlessly executed than Kyle Chandler. I mean, c’mon.


It’s just a thing of beauty, is what it is.

So, without further adieu, here are my additional selections:

Ryan Gosling:
I admit it – Half Nelson was my first Ryan Gosling film. Yes, ladies, I’ve never seen The Notebook. And I am so okay with that. I’ve never seen Lars and the Real Girl or The Believer. (Though the latter two are on my to-see list.)  I knew he had been nominated for an Academy Award for Half Nelson, but I didn’t expect his quiet little performance to be as good as it was. Congrats, Ryan – you’ve graduated from “pretty boy” to “damn fine actor” in my book. And the hair…good lord the hair. So good. Add some tattoos and I am a puddle on the floor.

It’s good a little scruffy:

and a LOT scruffy

Michael Cera
Yes, he’s a little young for me – dude isn’t even 21 yet. (Seriously??) But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good head of hair. Think not so much George Michael Bluth as Paulie Bleeker and Nick (of Nick and Nora) – the more mature Cera, if you will. (If one can be mature at 20.) What I like about Cera’s hair is that it seems like he doesn’t use any product. He doesn’t need to. It stands well enough on its own. See:

(Don’t judge me. You know you all wish he was older.)

Ted MosbyJosh Radnor
It almost feels like cheating to put him on here – because Josh Radnor’s hair is so not effortless. (Well, Josh-Radnor-as- Ted-Mosby-‘s hair, anyway). There’s product. There’s scrunching. There’s even a whole episode of How I Met Your Mother dedicated to Ted’s hair vanity. And still, it must go on, because it’s fantastic hair and because it does LOOK effortless.

Say what you will about Ted as a character (I love him, but most don’t), dude does have an awesome head of hair.

Malcolm Gets
Yeah, that’s right. I’d say his hair is at least 20% of the reason he’s my new celebrity boyfriend. (Well, maybe not. But the hair is a part of the essence, and I’m all about the essence. Or something. Seriously… Shut up, his hair is amazing.) So, I’m not sure this is effortless either. But he does have that tousled “just got out of bed look” down. It’s long and there’s a hint of curl, but it’s not overly curly. Really though, he could be on here for volume alone. Just look at the volume.  As someone with thick, curly hair myself, I’m always impressed when one can wear it so well. Whether it’s in a movie (where clearly, there were stylists and such)

Or at an event (where it probably looks like he just got out of bed because he just got out of bed. That takes some balls, man. I can’t pull that look off.)

And, finally, we have the one, the only…

Taylor Kitsch
I know his hair is a THING, and everyone who watches Friday Night Lights LOVES HIS HAIR, but c’mon. He’s got to be on the list. Frankly, I’m embarrassed he didn’t make my list the first time around.  What is there to say, really? As Tim Riggins, dude makes stringy, greasy, unwashed hair somehow beautiful. And effortless? You bet. I don’t think Kitsch washes his hair or does anything to it when he goes on set.


Which reminds me – FNL comes back on next week, you guys! Watch! I will! And I can’t wait to finally actually talk about the season. It’s been killing me, holding it in, y’all. KILLING ME!

Video of the Day: Classic TV Clip
A shout out another great head of hair – Mr. Peter Krause. He can be an honorary member of this exclusive club. Here he is – with fabulous hair – in one of my favorite scenes from Six Feet Under.

I do enjoy lists

Things that are awesome:

  • Federal holidays that allow me to not only clean the apartment and go grocery shopping, but finally catch up on the DVR, Netflix and computer downloads.
  • The last couple of episodes of Dexter. (Jimmy Smits, there is a part of me – I’m not sure where it comes from – that wants to dislike you. But alas, you are kicking so much ass playing the role of Miguel Prado that I cannot.
  • The third season of Friday Night Lights. And that’s all I will say about that.
  • Last week’s episode of 30 Rock. “It’s Barpo!”
  • TV Boyfriend NPH being number 25 in Entertainment Weekly’s 25 Entertainers of the Year.
  • Having a job that lets me know about documentaries and other movies/radio series/TV specials I would otherwise miss. Like this.
  • This restaurant. I went last week, and man, oh man was it good. Some of the best chips and salsa I’ve ever had. Those who know me know that’s saying a lot.

Things not-so-awesome:

  • The moderator at the Amy Sedaris event last week. Girl came out wearing short black leggings (???) and a sparkly purple over-sized t-shirt. Who does she think she is, Claudia Kishi? Unfortunately, the wardrobe reflected her personality, loud, inappropriate, and in a world of her own. Amy did the best she could, but, well…see above.
  • How on earth is NPH only number 25? Did they not see ALL of Dr. Horrible?
  • Having my transit card SNAP IN HALF yesterday. (I know it’s not media related, but, seriously? Seriously, Metro?)
  • Forgetting to DVR Steve Carell on The Tonight Show last night. As Liz Lemon would say: Aw, nerds!
  • After finishing She’s Come Undone last week, I decided my next book needed to be light. I decided to go with Love is a Mix Tape, a book that my mom got me over the summer, thinking, I know – mix tape, music mixes, music mixes relating to life – this is up Sarah’s alley. So I pick it up from my shelf without reading the back cover, only to discover…this is perhaps the most depressing book EVER, as it’s all about this dude’s wife that died and he deals with his grief by listening to mixes she made him and remembering their relationship….yeah. Don’t worry, I quickly switched to Queen of the Oddballs. So far, it’s appropriately light.

Sorry for the delay in blogging. I usually write these from work (shhh!) and it’s been busy. Sometime, I’ll try the whole blogging from home thing.

Video of the Day: Number 25 my ass.